🚨 Breaking: Senate Republicans Filing Red Flag Gun Seizures!

🚨 Breaking: Senate Republicans Filing Red Flag Gun Seizures!

Friday, January 12th, 2024



(We know that Indiana already has ‘Red Flag’ gun seizures on the books, but if we don’t step up and help stop this Federally, very soon there won’t be a “safe” state left in the Nation. Please read the email below for more information.)

If you know United States Senator Susan Collins from Maine, you know that she is a RINO-traitor to the Second Amendment who regularly votes for gun control.

Now, Collins is taking her attacks to the next level.

Susan Collins has just announced that she’s filing a nasty ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ bill as early as next week! Worse, Collins is directing this legislation right at the United States military! 

And this is coming fast. In fact, our sources on Capitol Hill believe this bill could be filed as soon as this week.

‘Red Flag’ laws are always dangerous because they allow a gun owner to be disarmed by a secret court order before they’ve been convicted of anything.

But this bill is extra nasty, as it is designed to be used against our own military!

More, it’s going to be filed by Collins, a ‘Republican.’

Joe Biden knows if he had Chuck Schumer file this it would likely be dead on arrival in the House. But having it filed by a so-called ‘Republican’ changes everything!

Please sign your petition against this legislation right away.


Collins is not alone.

‘Pro-gun Republicans’ like Romney, Graham, Murkowski, Young, and Ernst sold gun owners out in 2022, voting for Biden’s ‘Red Flag’ funding bill!

They will do it again unless gun owners flood them with opposition.

Make your voice heard. Sign your petition immediately!

>>> TAKE ACTION! <<<

And when you are done, please consider a gift of any amount so that we can get the word out to more Hoosiers about this bill.

We are using social media for this effort, but as a conservative organization, we need to pay to make sure that people see our content; it’s just the way it is.

Your gift of $50, $25 or $10 would help us do that!

Republicans have proven that they’ll vote for gun control when the pressure mounts. We can’t trust them. We must take action.

Sign your petition, donate if you can, and forward this email!

For Indiana,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Indiana Firearms Coalition

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