🚩🚩 GOP Selling You Down the River!

🚩🚩 GOP Selling You Down the River!

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023



We have a very big problem on our hands. 

The Democrats in DC desperately want to pass BIG gun control bills, like National Gun Registration, before the Presidential election next year.

They’re convinced it’s a winning issue politically. 

The problem is, all across the country, and right here in our own state, many RINO Republicans don’t care to defend our Second Amendment freedoms and, worse, many JOINED Joe Biden last year in passing the largest gun control package in decades!

And, as you’ll read below, this gun control bill was introduced by a REPUBLICAN, not a Democrat.  

That’s why it’s so important that you read the email below and then click this link and tell YOUR Congress member to stand up for gun owners and VOTE NO on H.R. 715, National Gun Registration!


We all know we’re one big “random” shooting away from both parties lining up to gut our Second Amendment. Help us with the fight and I’ll have more intel soon!

— Aaron

My wife and I have seven children.

Our oldest, Lucas, will be turning eighteen in just a few weeks. As you’d expect, he’s a huge fan of the Second Amendment and he cares deeply about preserving it for his generation. 

Ensuring that he can still buy an AR-15 is a major concern for him. But Lucas’s main concern is whether or not he will be forced to register his firearms with the government when he is old enough to buy them in his own name.

Last night, when he asked me for an update, I had to tell him the truth: that Joe Biden is only a dozen votes short of passing this bill (H.R. 715) in the House!    

Christy, please read this entire update and then sign the petitions we’ve prepared for you immediately.

As you’ll see, your petitions are addressed to Indiana’s Congressional delegation.

(H.R. 715 was filed by a traitorous Republican Brian Fitzpatrick, and it is just a handful of votes short of passage in the House!)

Given how tight the ‘whip count’ is on this bill, the fate of H.R. 715 may come down to them!     


Usually, we can rely on Republicans to “VOTE NO” on a Democrat-filed gun control bill out of self-interest. But not this time.

There are several reasons for this:    

First is the fact that just over a year ago gun owners were betrayed by ‘pro-gun Republicans’ in Congress — including our own Todd Young — who voted for Biden’s ‘Red Flag’ funding bill which gave Biden $750,000,000 to use against us.

But that’s not all.

The other reason why we can’t trust the GOP to vote against this Democrat-filed gun control bill: it wasn’t filed by a Democrat! H.R. 715 was filed by a RINO backstabbing traitor named Brian Fitzpatrick from Pennsylvania!     

Fitzpatrick has been an enemy to gun owners for his entire career, voting for gun control every chance he’s had.

But this time Fitzpatrick (who is a close, personal friend of Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy) is leading Biden’s gun control agenda, sponsoring H.R. 715 himself.

As you’ll see below, this legislation is nothing less than a national gun registry, giving the federal government what they have always wanted — a list of every gun owner in America!

Here is just some of what H.R. 715 would do:

  • Make it a felony to buy/sell any firearm without registering that firearm with the federal government by submitting to an FBI background check.     
  • Create a national database of gun owners, laying the foundation for an eventual gun confiscation program down the road whenever the Left has the votes.
  • Put a target on the back of countless Americans, allowing woke prosecutors to put them in prison for the ‘crime’ of not wanting to register their guns with the government.
  • Ignore the fact that violent criminals will ignore this and will find it that much easier to rob, rape, and murder law abiding citizens who are forced to comply with this law.

<<< HELP US DEFEAT H.R. 715 >>>

There was a time when some elements of the gun rights community would scoff at the idea that the government wanted to register firearms to facilitate future confiscation.

Those days are over.

The Radical Left has made it perfectly clear that they want to end the Second Amendment and reduce us to hunting rifles and shotguns — but they can’t confiscate what they can’t find.

That’s why Biden and the Left are so determined to pass H.R. 715, to give them this list.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Just look at what is happening in Connecticut right now.

In 2013 the state instituted a registry for all gun owners (like H.R. 715 would do at the national level.) Anyone who warned that this would lead to gun confiscation was accused of ‘having something to hide’ and being a ‘fear mongerer.’

Hundreds of thousands of residents registered their guns. As part of that, 81,849 residents registered their AR-15s.

Fast forward one decade.

When preparing for the 2023 legislative session last fall, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont demanded that the legislature pass new legislation to confiscate the AR-15s that were ‘grandfathered’ in during the state’s 2013 AR-15 ban.

Any guesses as to how Lamont planned to round those 81,849 AR-15s up? That’s right. By using the gun registry that the state enacted in 2013…the one that was ‘harmless.’    

We must defeat this legislation!

And with 204 members of Congress already co-sponsoring this legislation, there is no time to waste.

That’s why we are mounting a program to flood our Congressional delegation with calls, emails, and petitions against H.R. 715.


We are doing everything we can to mobilize opposition to this bill amongst grassroots gun owners.

First, we are using digital/social media ads to make sure that every gun owner in Indiana is aware of what this bill would do and giving them contact information for their Congressman.

Second, we are mailing out tens of thousands of letters like this one to gun owners, giving them the facts about H.R. 715 as well as petitions for gun owners to send in against it.  

Third, we are increasing the size of our email program. Our email program has pre-addressed emails that gun owners can send directly to their Congressman making it very effective.

Fourth, we are using text-based mobilization alerts that push alerts right onto the phones of tens of thousands of gun owners, giving them a ‘one-click links’ that allow them to contact their Congressman with the push of a button.

It’s a full court press because if JOE Biden is able to register gun owners IT WILL END IN ATTEMPTED GUN CONFISCATION.

The only question would be when.

(Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) is the backstabbing traitor who is leading Biden’s push for a national gun registry.)

If you agree, there are two things that I hope you’ll do right away. First, sign your petitions!

Todd Young’s gun control vote last summer has given Indiana’s congressional delegation the idea that they could support gun control and get away with it.

We need to set the record straight on that, immediately.

And after you sign your petition, you’ll be given the opportunity to make a donation to help us stop H.R. 715. Won’t you please consider $50 or even $100?  

It’s a lot. But it’ll take a lot to fully implement the program that I detailed above.

If you just can’t afford that, please consider a gift of $35, $25 or whatever you can afford today.

Stopping H.R. 715 isn’t just about protecting my son’s gun rights. It’s about protecting America from tyranny! Act fast!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Indiana Firearms Coalition

P.S. Joe Biden is working with a Republican in Congress to advance his national gun registry! H.R. 715 has over 200 cosponsors and would facilitate eventual gun confiscation!

Help us defeat this bill. Sign your petitions against H.R. 715 today and please consider a donation to help us put pressure on our Congressional delegation!


We can’t take anything for granted. Stand with us TODAY!