Indiana Receives Millions To Expand Red Flags

Indiana Receives Millions To Expand Red Flags

Saturday, August 5th, 2023



I don’t like being proven right when it means bad things for our Second Amendment rights. But that’s where things are.

After 14 RINO Senators helped Joe Biden allocate 750 million dollars to use in bribing states into passing ‘Red Flag’ laws last summer, I assumed that this fight was coming here.

And now, it has.

We’ve just learned that the State of Indiana has received a stunning $5,116,765 from the federal government to aid in the expansion of a ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ law here in Indiana!

Of course, we already have ‘Red Flag’ laws in Indiana, but the RINOs in Indy are trying to expand our Red Flag laws with Senator Sandlin’s Senate Bill 295!

The purpose of this money is obvious: give Indiana politicians a taste of this money and promise them tens of millions of additional dollars if they expand ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures!’

(The State of Indiana just got $5,116,765 from Joe Biden to expand ‘Red Flags!”)

Please sign the petitions that we’ve prepared for you, demanding that your legislators in Indy vote no on ‘Red Flag’ expansion laws!


And please hurry.

You see, thanks to the work of IFC members over the years, everyone in Indianapolis knows that attempts to ban AR-15s or register firearms will fail.

But with millions of federal dollars on the line and RINOs across the country backing ‘Red Flags,’ this is becoming a very dangerous threat! 

And that became especially true when 14 Senate Republicans (including our own Todd Young) voted for this garbage last summer. By our count, close to a dozen Republicans who were a ‘Hell No’ on Red Flags became a ‘Maybe’ when that happened.

If enacted, Senator Sandlin’s ‘Red Flag’ expansion legislation would:


  • Expand the list of people who can file a ‘Red Flag’ complaint against you. This could include almost anyonefrom a liberal aunt you haven’t seen in twenty years to a bitter ex-spouse who wants to ruin your life!If this happens, countless gun owners are going to be hit with these unconstitutional seizure orders, as bitter people will use the courts to settle personal scores.
  • Create a new list of ‘evidence’ that judges can use when deciding whether to order the seizure of your firearms! 

    This list of ‘evidence’ could include ‘the recent purchase of firearms or ammunition’ as proof that you’re dangerous!In other words, simply exercising your 2nd Amendment rights will be ammo the courts can use against you!

  • Give more time for liberal prosecutors and judges to consider the ‘Red Flag’ charges that have been filed against you, AFTER they seize your guns! 

    Right now, if your guns are seized without a warrant, the courts have 14 days to issue a warrant or return your guns. This bill would raise that to 60 days.’  

This is what the Radical Left has wanted for a very long time: the ability to bureaucratically disarm gun owners in America — without the ‘hassle’ of convicting them of a crime.


There was a time when I would have assumed that this bill would be dead on arrival here in Indianapolis. But not anymore.

Indiana has already taken millions from Biden for ‘Red Flags’ and they’ll get tens of millions more if they pass this bill into law! 

That’s why I hope you’ll immediately sign the enclosed petitions, so when the legislature reconvenes, they’ll have stacks of these petitions on their desks!

In addition to your signed petition, the Indiana Firearms Coalition is preparing a massive program to confront this danger head on.

We’re still developing this program, but I intend to throw the ‘kitchen sink’ at this, using a combination of: 

  • Hard-hitting digital and social media ads that we’ll boost across the state, ensuring that tens of thousands of gun owners are aware of this threat and take action!These ads are extremely affordable, because once you see one on social media you can share it, greatly boosting its reach and the calls/emails/petitions that it helps generate.
  • Our massive email and direct mail programs to mobilize IFC members (but especially other gun owners.) Few things convey the seriousness of this situation like these updates.Our email program works so well because it allows gun owners to contact the legislature with 1-click of their mouse. Our direct mail is powerful because Big Tech can’t censor it! 
  • Scaling up our text message program that allows us to put alerts right onto the cell phones of tens of thousands of gun owners in less than thirty minutes!These texting campaigns are fantastic, because they appear right on a gun owner’s phone and have built in action links that enable almost immediate action. 

Every part of our program is designed for one purpose: to make sure that every State Senator and every State Representative here in Indiana knows that gun owners expect them to oppose any expansion of ‘Red Flag’ laws! 

You see, IFC isn’t like other organizations.

We don’t blindly trust our Republican majorities to do the right thing when it comes to gun control.

That’s how Indiana ended up with the Red Flags laws on the books in the first place.

No, we’re going to get loud and make sure when session resumes that everyone in Indianapolis knows what will happen to their careers if they support expanding ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures.’

Your petitions are a key part of this program.


So please sign yours right away. And after you do, please consider including a donation of $100 as we are only able to implement the program I laid out above with your support.

The ‘Red Flag’ issue has gone from a concern to keep an eye on, to a very real threat. And with millions of dollars already sent to the State of Indiana, next session is going to be very dangerous.

We need to get loud and hold the line!

So if $100 just isn’t possible, please consider a donation of $50, $25 or at least $17.76!

(The ‘Red Flag’ map is growing, and it’s not just ‘blue’ states. We must hold the line!)

When IFC was launched years ago, the gun rights issue was largely Democrat v Republican.

It’s not that way anymore.

These days the fight for gun rights is between Democrats/RINOs v Conservatives and grassroots gun owners — and we have a lot of RINOs here in Indianapolis.

And with tens of millions of federal dollars tempting them, we can’t take anything for granted!

So please sign your petition and make a generous donation today!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Indiana Firearms Coalition

P.S. Last summer Joe Biden signed legislation that gave him $750 million to use in bribing states into passing ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures – Indiana just received 5.1 million of it!

‘Red Flag’ laws allow liberal judges to order the seizure of your firearms through secret hearings and before you’ve been charged, arrested, or convicted of anything.

 And with tens of millions of federal dollars on the line, we need to take this threat very seriously! 


Fight back! Sign your petition against ‘Red Flags’ expansion now and then make a donation so we can hold the line!