👉👉 Biden AND D.C. RINOs Hate Our New Digital Ad!

👉👉 Biden AND D.C. RINOs Hate Our New Digital Ad!

Saturday, April 29th, 2023



As we’ve told you over the last few weeks, Joe Biden is working with backstabbing RINO Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick to advance H.R. 715 — a registry of every gun owner in America!

Sadly, the Democrats in DC are not stupid.

That’s why the Left is flocking to support this legislation. They know that it accomplishes their goal of registering gun owners, and it’s far more likely to pass given who filed it.

In fact, just this week, the bill added multiple cosponsors. Over 185 members of Congress are already on board with HR 715!

And given the betrayal that gun owners received from RINOs like our own Todd Young last year when he voted for Biden’s Red Flag funding bill, we can’t take anything for granted!

We need to flood Congress with calls and emails demanding that our Congressional delegation oppose HR 715 or anything similar.

That’s why the Indiana Firearms Coalition produced this digital ad! We want to make sure every gun owner in the state sees this and takes action! Watch the ad here!

The video is done. It’s going to ‘go live’ on social media in two days. But we need to raise $5,000 to make sure it EXPLODES! 

A donation of $100 will ensure that at least 1,000 gun owners see this ad and have the information they need to take action! 

If you can afford $50 I can get the ad seen by at least 500 gun owners (and the number will climb as they share it online.)

A gift of $25 will still ensure that this video is well on its way to going viral, putting pressure on Congress.

Even a gift of $17.76 or $10 will help us get this ad out there and crank up the heat before it’s too late.

As always, the amount of your gift is up to you. But this bill is moving fast in Congress, and I hope that you’ll help us crank up the heat!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Indiana Firearms Coalition

P.S. As support for HR 715 grows fast in Congress — especially since the bill was filed by a backstabbing RINO Republican — it’s vital that gun owners crank up the heat FAST!

That’s why IFC has produced this new digital ad above, to make sure that our Congressional delegation knows what gun owners expect.

But it’s critical that we have the resources we need to make this ad go viral, so that hundreds of thousands of gun owners see this ad and flood Congress with calls against HR 715!