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Question 1

Missouri passed the nation’s leading Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) in 2021. This law asserts state sovereignty under the 10th Amendment and tells the federal government that while Missouri can’t stop them from passing gun control, Missouri wouldn’t allow their cops and other resources to be used to help them enforce it. And since the bulk of federal laws are enforced by state and local officers, this law means that the bulk of Biden’s gun control agenda will go unenforced in Missouri. With strong civil penalties built into it, Missouri’s SAPA law gives individual gun owners the ability to hold departments that intentionally violate the law accountable.

If elected, would you SUPPORT and VOTE YES on Second Amendment Preservation Act legislation for Indiana, which states that Indiana cops may not be used by the federal government to enforce federal gun control laws or Executive Orders, and which contain civil penalties that allow gun owners to hold rogue departments who break the law accountable?
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Question 2

Most mass shootings happen in so-called ‘Gun-Free Zones’ where law-abiding citizens are forced to disarm. Thousands of Americans have been shot or murdered by violent criminals in these zones over the last fifteen years, because law-abiding citizens were unable to defend themselves or their loved ones, because of a deadly law that forced them to disarm.

If elected, would you SUPPORT and VOTE YES on legislation that eliminates government-mandated ‘Gun Free Zones,’ that leave law-abiding citizens helpless against violent killers looking to rack up a body count?
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Question 3

Even while other red states are banning ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures,’ the politicians in Indianapolis have passed 'Red Flag’ laws here and have even expanded them! Also known as ‘Extreme Risk Protection Orders,’ these laws allow virtually anyone to petition a court and make the claim that a person is a ‘danger to themselves or others’ while providing little to no evidence. Once filed, ‘Red Flag’ allegations now allow a liberal judge to strip a law-abiding gun owner of their firearms before they have been arrested, indicted, or convicted of a crime. In most cases, this is done through ex-parte hearings that the gun owner knows nothing about.

If elected, would you SUPPORT and VOTE YES on legislation like HB-1409, that repeals ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscation’ law that shreds Hoosiers’ due process rights, by disarming gun owners who have never been convicted of a crime?
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Question 4

Over the last four years, an estimated 7,500,000 million people have illegally entered America. The Dept. of Homeland Security said that at least 70,000 of these were ‘special interest’ aliens, coming from countries that ‘promote or protect terrorism’ against the United States. Now, some are trying to use the Bruen decision to justify letting these foreign nationals possess firearms.

If elected, would you OPPOSE and VOTE NO on legislation that would allow foreign nationals who have entered America illegally to possess a firearm, knowing that they’ll be able to legally buy a firearm once they’ve completed the process for entry?
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Question 5

Indiana has had Stand-Your-Ground law for years now, allowing innocent Hoosiers to defend themselves from violent criminals without having to retreat first. Without this law, gun owners could be arrested and prosecuted for not retreating an arbitrary number of steps before defending themselves or their loved ones. Recently, Leftist politicians in Indiana have called for a repeal of Stand-Your-Ground law.

If elected, would you OPPOSE and VOTE NO on legislation that would repeal any portion of Indiana’s Stand-Your-Ground law, knowing that without this law, innocent Hoosiers could go to prison at the hands of a Soros-backed prosecutor?
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Question 6

In the wake of recent high-profile murder sprees around the country, anti-gun politicians here in Indiana, the media and Bloomberg-funded activists in Indianapolis have entered legislation like SB-66, which would mandate a complete ban on the AR-15 (and standard 30-round magazines) and hundreds of related firearms all because of their cosmetic features. These firearms are wildly popular and are owned by tens of thousands of Hoosiers.

If elected, would you OPPOSE and VOTE NO on legislation that bans the manufacture, sale or possession of semi-automatic firearms and their standard capacity magazines -- knowing that these restrictions don’t stop crime, but are used to harass gun owners?
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Question 7

Anti-gun organizations, often funded with out-of-state resources from Michael Bloomberg, have been pushing legislation like SB-66 for years. If passed, this would end all private party firearms transfers in Indiana unless gun owners submit to a federal NCIC check, thereby adding themselves and their firearm to a federal list. As we’ve seen, this legislation does virtually nothing to stop crime but expands state and national databases of gun owners – which can be used against gun owners later.

If elected, would you OPPOSE and VOTE NO on ‘Universal Gun Registrations’ (or similar legislation) that would ban all private party gun sales and make criminals out of Hoosiers who lawfully transfer firearms without first obtaining government permission?
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Question 8

Various state legislatures have already passed legislation that would make it a felony for Americans between the age of 18-20 to own firearms! And there are politicians here in Indiana who want to do the same thing, which is why they filed SB-24. To be clear, these are law-abiding citizens who can exercise their right to vote, serve in the military, pay taxes, get married, have careers, and enjoy every other aspect of being a legal adult.

If elected, would you OPPOSE and VOTE NO on legislation that would make it a crime for Hoosiers between the ages of 18-20 to buy and own firearms, leaving them defenseless, and unable to defend themselves or their loved ones?
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Question 9

Violent crime is out of control in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and Gary, a direct result of liberal policies. But rather than enforcing the laws we already have and punishing criminals for their crimes, the Radical Left has filed SB-95 which would repeal Indiana’s pre-emption law, allowing liberal cities to make up their own gun control within city limits. This would give city mayors and counties the ability to repeal Stand-Your-Ground, Constitutional Carry, and even the right to own an AR-15 in their jurisdictions.

If elected, would you OPPOSE and VOTE NO on legislation that would repeal Indiana’s preemption law that would allow individual cities and counties the ability to enact gun control laws that are more restrictive than state law, and that would ensnare innocent Hoosiers with a patchwork quilt of local gun control laws, while not stopping crime?
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Question 10

Almost every legislative candidate will say "I support the Second Amendment" but not all will stand firmly against new and invasive forms of gun control, especially when ‘compromises’ are offered.

If elected, would you OPPOSE and VOTE NO on all methods of gun control, including those that the media calls ‘reasonable?’ These could include bans on ‘ghost guns,’ laws that ban those with simple misdemeanor convictions from owning guns, new taxes on ammunition, civil liability insurance requirements for gun owners, and the use of pistol braces?
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