Biden’s DHS: Trump Supporters Are Domestic Terror Threats!

Biden’s DHS: Trump Supporters Are Domestic Terror Threats!

Thursday, June 27th, 2024



I don’t know about you, but I remember the old days when we lived in a sane country. I’m sure you remember them, too.

In those days, boys were raised to be men. Girls were raised to be women. And they all knew which bathroom to use.

The Federal Reserve Bank inflated the money supply, but at a rate that didn’t destroy housing prices for the next generation.

Big corporations were worried about making a profit each quarter, not shoving a rainbow flag down my throat every June.

Local doctors did what was best for my health, not what his pharma rep said he should do to win a funded vacation to Cabo.

Mostly I miss the days when our own government functioned — at least tacitly — to defend my freedom from all threats both foreign and domestic. Because we all know those days are gone. 

Here’s one example.

By conservative estimates, the Department of Homeland Security has let 10,000,000 illegals into our country under Biden!

We see the results in the news every day.

Murders, rapes, armed robberies, home invasions…Biden has allowed America to become a dumping ground for every nation on earth that wants to relocate violent/deranged criminals.

This wasn’t an accident. This was done to America on purpose.

Now documents released by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) show that DHS believes the threats facing America today don’t stem from the 10 million illegals they let in — but from Christians, veterans, and Trump supporters!

Almost every IFC member I’ve ever talked to voted for Trump.

A massive percentage of you are veterans or are active duty.

And the vast majority of us are Christian/Catholic.

So congrats on being directly in the crosshairs of your own government, who believes that we are capable of domestic terrorism simply because we oppose their insane policies!

What does this have to do with the Second Amendment?


The ONLY THING stopping Joe Biden from becoming the thuggish dictator that the Left desperately wants him to become is that ‘We the People’ possess 400,000,000 privately owned firearms. 

(This United Nations study is fantastic. Americans own at least 393,000,000 firearms! And the best part, only 1,073,743 are registered with the federal government! Cope and seethe!)

That’s why Biden and his allies are hell-bent on passing a national AR-15 ban, a national Red Flag law, a national gun registry — and that’s just the beginning.

They want every single one of us disarmed and helpless.

That is why the Indiana Firearms Coalition exists — to keep constant pressure on the politicians in Indianapolis and in D.C., reminding them that if they even blink on gun rights, you guys will replace them.

The Second Amendment went from being academic to very real in just 10 years’ time. Imagine what the next 10 could bring?

One thing is clear: if we ever lose our freedoms, we will never get them back and future generations will pay a terrible price.

We simply must hold the line!

If you are currently a part of that fight, thank you.

If your membership has lapsed, please renew your membership.

And if you simply want to make a one time donation, thank you!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Indiana Firearms Coalition