Massive Victory for Gun Owners in Tuesday Night’s Primary!

Massive Victory for Gun Owners in Tuesday Night’s Primary!

Saturday, May 11th, 2024



The Indiana Firearms Coalition primary election program was a TREMENDOUS VICTORY for gun voters!

For far too long, gun owners had virtually no recourse when they were screwed over by the politicians in Indy. The RINOs could vote for ‘Red Flag’ laws, knowing the NRA would protect them.

And they did.

That’s why Indiana was one of the last ‘red’ states to pass Constitutional Carry and it’s why we are one of only a couple of ‘red’ states to adopt ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures.’

All that has changed now that the Indiana Firearms Coalition exists. Finally, gun owners can get the straight facts at election time, not the spin the RINOs in Indy feed them.

And boy did that pay off earlier this week!

Let’s get into the breakdown from Tuesday night.

Defensive Victories

The best news first: the two most pro-gun members of the Indiana House — who were being targeted by RINO leadership in Indy — obliterated their opponents!

In House District 50, IFC’s lead bill sponsor for the Second Amendment Preservation Act, Lorissa Sweet, emerged victorious in her primary with a stunning 65%-35% win!!

Gun voters utterly CRUSHED Rob Miller. Miller was the RINO choice of House leaders, but he refused the IFC gun rights candidate questionnaire.

(Yes, Rep. Sweet still has to win the general election, but it is non-competitive. She’ll be back in Indy next session!)

IFC spent heavily in this district, educating gun owners about the difference between Sweet and Miller using a variety of tools. Our digital ads in this race were widely viewed.

One of these ads in the district was viewed by almost 25,000 gun voters and dominated the conversation for weeks!

In House District 66Representative Zach Payne, IFC’s lead bill sponsor on legislation to repeal ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ ABSOLUTELY dominated his opponent!

Thanks to so many educated gun voters in the district, Representative Payne notched a jaw dropping 79%-21% victory!

In this race, IFC alerted over 30,000 gun owners about the two candidates using a combination of digital ads, targeted social media, text messages, and email alerts.

Like Rep. Sweet, Payne has to get through the General Election this fall, but it is also non-competitive.

The message that IFC members sent in these races was loud and clear: gun owners will always defend legislators who fight for our freedom in Indy!

Going on Offense

Defensive victories for gun voters are fun. But nothing compares to watching gun owners throw out RINO Republicans who have stabbed them in the back repeatedly!

And without a doubt, the biggest offensive upset of the night for IFC members was in House District 13.

Matt Commons signed his IFC gun rights candidate survey with 100% pro-gun answers.

But Rep. Sharon Negel was one of the worst of the worst in Indy!

During her 12 years in office, Negel worked herself up to becoming the Deputy Speaker Pro Tem — making her one of the highest-ranking member in House leadership!

Negel hoped her title as Deputy Speaker Pro Tem would somehow make gun owners forget that she voted YES on Red Flag Gun Seizures and YES on a trigger assembly ban!

When we began to expose her record in the district, Negele turned to the NRA, hoping their endorsement would protect her.

(That’s right, the NRA endorsed a candidate who voted FOR gun control multiple times!)

It’s because of RINO backstabbers like Sharon Negele and sellouts like the NRA that the Indiana Firearms Coalition exists in the first place!

When we surveyed Matt Commons and he responded 100% pro-gun, we immediately got to work telling voters in this district how Sharon Negele sold them out in the past, and how Matt was itching to go to Indianapolis and clean up her mess.

Thanks to your generous donations to help us get the word out, our digital ad exposing Sharon was viewed almost 21,000 times in district!

Armed with the truth, the voters from HD-13 stormed the polls and CRUSHED Sharon’s plans to go back to Indianapolis with a resounding 60%-40% defeat.

Rock on, Matt!

Sharon’s glorious defeat serves as a warning to the RINOs in Indiana, especially those who voted for ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ in the past. Gun owners never forget!

The victories that IFC members notched has reminded the legislature that if they work against our gun rights, gun voters will find someone else to do their job!

(Our social media team had a lot of fun with celebrating Negel’s defeat Tuesday night. Zoom in to read the words on the tombstone.)

The Indiana Firearms Coalition was outspent by the RINOs and the groups that tried to defend them by orders of magnitude in these elections, but IFC’s grassroots army is better than every other political force in Indiana, and we proved that when gun voters across the state showed up in a BIG way.

Because of you and your support for IFC, we were able to spend TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars exposing anti-gun RINOs and educating gun voters on where their candidates really stood.

But now that the Republican Primaries are over, we are turning our gaze back to the General Election on November 5th, and the legislative session to kick off soon thereafter.

We’ve got a lot of work to do here at IFC when it comes to making forward progress on gun rights in Indiana.

I hope you’ll join with us in that effort by making a VICTORY chip-in contribution today, in honor of all of the success that you and I have enjoyed – and to help us continue fighting for you in Indianapolis!

Whether you can afford to give $100, $25, or even $17.76, we would be honored to have your support for all the fights still to come!

This is YOUR victory, and you dang well deserve it.

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Indiana Firearms Coalition