Video Update: Pistol Brace Ban and SAPA Law!

Video Update: Pistol Brace Ban and SAPA Law!

Friday, January 27th, 2023



Over the last 10 days, the Indiana Firearms Coalition has received hundreds of calls, texts, and emails about the recent ATF decision to reclassify pistol braces as NFA items.

Of course, this is a continuation of Joe Biden’s ongoing attack on law-abiding gun owners — this time using Executive Orders to unilaterally create new forms of tyranny.

It’s obvious that Joe Biden is hellbent on weaponizing federal agencies and local law enforcement against every gun owner in America.

For all the latest on this new ATF rule, when it takes effect, and what the Indiana Firearms Coalition is doing to protect our members from this, we’ve produced this video update.

As you just heard, by denying Joe Biden the use of Indiana cops, we can blunt the impact of this new Executive Order regarding pistol braces.

The bill has been filed, but now we need your Senator and State Rep to co-sponsor.

Everybody says they’re pro-gun here in Indianapolis, now it’s time for them to prove it, and fight for us when it really counts!

Tell your State Senator and Representative to co-sponsor SAPA now!


Time is of the essence, as gun owners will be facing felony charges by May 13th!

So fire off your email, and then forward this email to everyone that cares about gun rights here in Indiana. After you’re done, please donate below to help us pass SAPA this session!

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These Executive Orders/bureaucratic attacks will never end. We need SAPA law to protect gun owners…and we need it now.

Please take action today!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr

Executive Director
Indiana Firearms Coalition

P.S. For all the latest on the ATF decision to reclassify pistol braces as NFA items, and for all the details on how you can help us protect our freedoms here in Indiana, please watch our video update.

When you’re done, please email your lawmakers here in Indianapolis and insist they co-sponsor the Second Amendment Preservation Act!


After you’ve sent your email, please make a donation to help IIFCGO fight for you in Indianapolis.

>>> Donate to help fight for SAPA here in Indiana! <<<